Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Alien doesn't exist anymore

(Disclaimer: I do not wish to create mayhem on to this post; instead, this post serves as a lesson not just to her, but to all of us. Thanks!)

It was March when July had sent me this controversial link:


The fairy tale goes like this:

A girl, who is a self proclaimed fashionista and a freshman student of UST complained about the grading system between UP and UST. She nitpicked about the iniquitous and unjust grading system of UP. She claimed that 1.5 in UP is equivalent to 85-89.99 (well other UP professors equated 1.5 to 89-92.99, it depends) but in UST, it is equivalent to 92-93, which is actually true. Actually, it’s quite okay if she compared the grading system of UP to her school, UST, since UST’s one of the most prestigious universities in the country. But, the thing that made us, the “Iskolar ng Bayan” react on her post was when she wrote this statement on to this certain blog entry:

Napakaunfair talaga, sana naman oh, sumunod ang UP sa grading system namin (UST), Panginoon ko, tulungan niyo po ako!”

And the result for this predicament? She became an instant celebrity. Her page was an instant hit! She’s the newest craze in forums and online bulletins! HAHAHA. Seriously! A lot people (most of them are students from UP, and others from Ateneo) wrote their reactions on to her entry (and admittedly, I was one of them). I think, she’s been unfair to us, right? Sigh.

Some of the comments are based on her shallow opinion but others, they just wrote about her flaws and imperfections on to her English grammar, syntax and composition.

So, people read her next blog entry and it was more discordant and conflict-ridden than the previous entry.

So the saga continues:

She decided to transfer to UP Diliman and wants to take BS Clothing Technology because she wants to be a Fashion Designer (please connect). Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she flunked the UP’s Admission Test, the UPCAT. That explains why the administration wants to have a meticulous interview to her. So, the Dean warned her that Clothing Tech is not an easy course. It deals with numerous Chemistry subjects, Calculus and even Management subjects (correct me if I’m wrong again). So she didn’t try her best in the interview and she even claimed that she had a hard time with her language skills, then poof, the verdict surely made her heart skipped a beat. The result? She kept on blabbering negative things about the administration, and other yakitiyaks. Of course, more and more people flocked on to her page giving some sensible comments about her futile tittle-tattles. And of course, people still perceived her flaws in English grammar. Poor ‘lil creature!

Minutes ago, I decided to visit her account, and look what I’ve found:

HAHAHA! I think she learned numerous valuable lessons in life.

The bottom line is this: If you want to complain about anything and decide to publish it in the world wide web, THINK TWICE before you click the publish button. Think. Compose your thoughts. Ask yourself: “Does my entry sounds sensible? Do I hurt people whenever I publish this? Is my opinion still rational and logical?”

Well, I know each and every one of us has the freedom to write anything in to our blog. But, too much freedom is not good, right?

But hey, if you want to jabber about unpleasant things, you can set your entry into a private one, and it’s just one click away. :)))))


  1. OOH. Haha. Nakasira sa kanya yun. But it also benifited her cos she became a 'celebrity' in the WWW.

    AND YA, too much freedom is not good. :] We, bloggers, should be socially responsible of our actions. Yak, hahaha, Benildyanong-Benildyano. :]]]]

    As for me, I always set my Multiply posts to private. :]]

  2. shimi:

    amen tooooo! :D

    cha: grabbbeehh. she's very narrow-minded. GRAAABBEEEHHH. super OA! hahaha