Monday, May 19, 2008

A Day Without Rain

During the height of Typhoon Cosme’s cataclysmic rage in northern parts of Luzon, Davao City’s experiencing substantial drought during the day and early in the afternoon. The sixteenth hour of the day, however, marks an abrupt change to Gaea’s mood. She indeed poses human-like behavior, like mood swings. Torrential rain will follow accompanied with thunder and lightning. But as the cliché goes, Mother Nature’s unpredictable. Hell yes, it was hot the whole day. But the night was totally different. ♪♪ Raindrops keep falling on my head. ♪♪. Whatever!

The country, so far, was battered by three typhoons in just a span of one week. Two out of three typhoons didn’t make a landfall in the country but still have distressing upshots in our country.

Now, it’s the perfect time to commune with Mother Nature. The soul of Mother Nature is hurt. Gaea wants to clean herself, just what we normally do whenever we get dirty or hurt. She’s hurt, yes, physically and emotionally. Nowadays, we didn’t care enough with our environment. We didn’t manage to clean even our own backyard. The world is suffering from a malevolent crisis. Predicaments, quandaries, and dilemmas flow inexorably like a flash flood, raging from the mountains, waiting to trample those innocent victims below. I have experienced minor tremors for the past few weeks. Series of quakes, destructive cyclones are coming out of nowhere. Science can explain the causes of it but no one can stop Gaea, her peerless power.

A simple thought: If we want to get rid of those fugly (fuckingly ugly) pimples and blackheads, we usually cleanse it with mild astringents (and detergents, HAHAHA, fuck off). The same manner goes with Gaea. She is an organism and we only act as her cell. If something goes wrong with her system, she only needs to clean herself, that is, sending raging typhoons, series of strong quakes and other natural disaster that man would ever experience. Death tolls are still rising in the middle of these predicaments. I’m sure that this is just a beginning. Whatever happens, let’s just pray for our own safety. The weather’s weird, VERY WEIRD. Our planet is on the brink of Climate Change.

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Mood change. Whattadrama! But hey, that’s true and I’m serious, DEAD SERIOUS.

On the lighter side, my cousin and I played Wheel of Fortune. My grandfather, who is a licensed and retired Civil Engineer made the wheel of fortune. I dunno, I just remember my lolo, doing and creating some wacky game show doohickeys like this one just for the sake of our shallow happiness. So yeah, I always get 15,000 pesos and my 5-year old cousin usually gets BOKYA. Hahaha. I just remembered my colorful childhood days. Sigh! Reminiscing those good old days. 90’s the best decade, really.

Oh yeah, my uncle bought a female rabbit. We named her Bugz since she’s grey and she looks clever. HAHAHA. So, Boon-ie is not lonely anymore. Though, Bugz quite bigger than Boon-ie. Naah, forgive my cousin for that lame este cute name. HAHAHA. So, Boon-ie’s the white one and Bugz’s the gray one, obviously.

Crap. I’ll just write a decent post later. I have slept for four hours, from 3.30 pm to 7:30 pm. And yes, my week’s quite exciting since I have decided to have some conceptualized CS3 projects. I’m done with The Killers, and next time, maybe, JUST MAYBE, Jason Mraz would be my next project.

BTW, I have just learned how to play Mr. Brightside on the piano! YEEHAH. Thanks to Ryan, I have just played a whole different song in my old keyboard, at last. I’m tired of playing No Air, Please Don’t Stop the Music, Apologize, Boston and Unfaithful in my keyboard. Uggh. At last, I have a chance to learn how to play this wonderful song in just minutes. HAHAHA. Expect that I’ll post a video of me, playing Mr. Brightside on my old keyboard (how I wish grand pianos cost a mere hundred bucks. KEEP ON DREAMING, GERK!). Here’s the instructional video of how to play Mr. Brightside in piano:

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea,
Swimming through sick lullabies,
Choking on your alibis,
But it’s just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me,
Open up my eager eyes, ‘coz I’m Mr. BRIGHTSIDE!

I’ll never… I’ll never… I’ll NNNNEEEEEVVVEEERRRR!!!

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