Thursday, May 15, 2008

Enigmatic Madness

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Enigma, enigma, enigma. OOOHHH! I just love your music. Hahaha =)))). Eight years ago, dad bought a pirated CD of Enigma (since Enigma’s music quite similar to Gregorian Chant and Enya and since my dad knew that I looove Enya and Gregorian Chant, hahaha). I just stumbled on Enigma’s playlist on Imeem. Sigh. Oh yeah, this is my favorite, Once in A Lifetime. So relaxing and yeah, enigmatic.

Once in A Lifetime

please click the play button :)

"Cuando noche esta, te esperar Quiero volverte loco esta noche Con la luna llena, te esperar Hoy morirs entre mis brazos Y nunca soars de algo mas"

When you're near me, I close my eyes,
I want to feel you by my side
When you kiss me, I close my eyes,
I want you by my side

When I realize there's no telling lies,
Then I know that once in a lifetime
Making love to you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

"Todo tu cuerpo temblar, Pero esta vez, es realidad An que el tiempo pase, Nunca, nunca, lo olvidars, Sera, solo una vez en tu vida"

When you touch me, I burn inside,
Colder chills run down my spine
When you take me, it's hot in love,
- Can't get enough!

When I realize there's no telling lies,
Then I know that once in a lifetime
Making love to you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime

Giving all I've got, I'm your love-me-not,
You're my lover, once in a lifetime
Taking care of you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

So now, I’m watching the elimination night of American Idol. Oh my GULAY. Is that.. a FISH (points to Fantasia Barino)? Tumaba si Fantasia and she looks hilarious with her hairdo. HAHA. Oh my! Girls go gaga to David A! Hahaha. Awww. He cried because, he’s happy. He keeps on saying, gosh, oh my God, I can’t believe this, blahblah.

Blahblah, and so my dad wants to watch the news. Owww. Bummer!

Simon to David Archuleta: You sang the song well but I thought that it was like a CHIHUAHUA.
HAHAHAHA. =)))))

Anyhow, I tried this game, and yeah, it’s quite gruesome.

Thanks Denne!

Hahaha :))

So yeah, I’ve been rereading Angels and Demons. I know it’s kinda late, but hey! I have read that wonderful book last 2004. It goes like this, my mom borrowed the book from someone, and I only had the chance to read it for three days. I admit, I read like a turtle. Usually, I can manage to finish a novel in a span of four or five days (the fastest rate, so far). It’s just, I want to read every word, punctuation marks, page number so that I can fully understand the plot, conflict and everything. Sometimes, if I find an unfamiliar word, I would end up reading the Webster's dictionary! HAHA. That’s me! Haha. So I didn’t manage to finish that book four years ago. Three days is not ENOUGH, I tell you. I can only remember how the four cardinals were abducted by the Satanic Cult, Illuminati. Uggh. And I hate it when my mom told me that the ending is like this and like that. Alright, you can spoil the ending, but hey, I don’t care! Hahaha. =))

Another WHATEVER post from Renzy Benzy. Hahaha.

And OOOH! I loved this:


  1. andrew king9:14 PM

    .................i'm confuse again.............

  2. just watched ai7's david vs david

  3. andrew:

    then don't read if you're confused dibaa. **SIIIGGGHHHH

  4. rj:

    hahaha :)))) can't wait for the final competition !! :D

  5. tanja9:15 PM

    kilala ko na sino mananalo sa ai! :D si david! \:D/

    ...that's the stupidest comment ive ever said. :| =)) im such a loser. =))

  6. NAAAHHHH! wala ka talagang magawa sa buhay mo 'noh? HAHAHAHA :)))))))

  7. andrew king9:16 PM

    It's fun being confuse....Also nice site on that game.....It reminds me of me

  8. YAAHH! nung nilaro ko iyan.. parang magugustuhan mo rin yan. bloody. yyehhee

  9. angilie9:17 PM

    once in a lifetime is enigmatic.
    i can't believe i don't have any of their albums
    but i downloaded some of their songs.
    sadeness and return to innocence.

    nice work on the pic.

  10. yah! once is in the lifetime is my favorite!
    hahah. enigma. enigma. enigma. serene. peaceful.

    hahaha :))))))