Saturday, May 17, 2008

Urban Rumors

Whatever! I just heard these hearsays.

Quiboloy’s not the real QUIBOLOY. I dunno. Those chums of mine have told me that the real Quiboloy is dead. Rumors said that he died in a car accident somewhere in the United States. To hide this secret and to avoid the media to infiltrate their group, the religious sector had decided to conduct a plastic surgery on to his brother. Are you familiar with the movie, Face Off (Staring Nicolas Cage)? Well, they just copied the exact concept as what the movie depicts. I dunno. This is just a rumor for Christ’s sake.

The former president’s mom is already 106 years old. I wonder why are still wishing that their poor mother will stay longer. I don’t know. It’s only my opinion, but hey! She’s 106; she can barely communicate with her sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren! I really don’t believe with Euthanasia though, forgive me.

Oh dear, my pop’s gettin’ old, emotionally. Yeah, he’s 41 but I observed that he’s getting grumpier than before. Though, he’s always happy and cracks jokes every now and then, but hey, I mean, I noticed some changes. Sigh. But I think, this is just psychologically normal. Sigh.

Life is incongruous. I mean, on normal days, I’m usually inside the house, all day. You can usually find me in the living room, blogging, photoshopping and making some layouts or in my bedroom, reading some books, or in the dining room, eating my meal. But hey, I’ve been suffering from flu for at least three weeks already, and the rate of my recovery is not fast. Dang! My grandmother told me that I lacked physical exercise. I hate physical exercise; it’s a strenuous activity for me! I just don’t want to sweat for nothing. I know, I’m thin, and there’s no way that I’m going to be fatter. Uggh. I need to gain weight, but I don’t like agonizing physical activities. I prefer answering sudoku puzzles. GEEEK! :))))

OOOH YEAH! Today’s Saturday, and it’s the weekend-bummer-o-rama-thingamajig. And yeah! Television shows, during weekends, are dull and boring. Ironic, isn’t it?!

PS: I hate rEAdiNg tHeSe kind oF meSsAgEs .. (“,)(“,) It gives me the most painful vertigo! Oops.


  1. Quiboloy is not the real Quiboloy? Lol. I dunno about that :]] Maybe it's just a rumor? :]]

    Hey, physical activity is good. Uhm.. try dancing! Haha.

    I hAtE sTiCkY cApS to0! It annoys me so much. Bah. Anyway..... just dropping by :D

  2. sticky caps are for LOsErS. HAHAHA. eeewww much.

    yeah. i've tried dancing but ugghhh. nakakapagod :))))) hahahha