Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Tale of Mama

I was crowned as the JS Promenade Queen. Everything in my world is full of gleam and glamour. Girls at my age envied me, A LOT. They say my life is perfect, a Utopian one. They say I looked like a Hollywood celebrity. They say that I am pretty and intelligent. They say that I am every man’s dream girlfriend.

But that was eighteen years ago.

Everything’s in a smooth pace until I met him. I fell in love with him. I thought he was the man that I have been dreaming of. But I was wrong, very wrong. Later, I took a test. The verdict was two lines. At that point, my dreams were all shattered. I am only seventeen. I am not ready for this big responsibility. Worse, he left me without a trace. Mom and dad were not happy about it; they were very disappointed on my depressing situation. They didn’t accept me. They even threw my clothes, personal things outside the house. With little cash, I left them, knowing that they will never accept me.

It was difficult. I used to be served by my personal assistants. Everything in the house, particularly the household chores was governed by our maids. All I need to do was to eat, sleep, study and shop.

With enough money, I started my own life. I have looked for jobs. I chose to be maid. It’s very ironic. Yes, life is very ironic. Good thing, my master’s not that bad. She even paid the expense on my monthly check-ups. I believe that the life that I’ll carry for at least nine months is precious. I feel blessed at that time. In return, I always wake up early just to do the household chores. Nine months later, I received the greatest gift from God.

I feel blessed when you came into my life. Will I raise you as a good child? Will you listen to my advices? Will I be a good mother? Things like these keep on pondering me for days, for weeks and even for years.

You know son, I am so sorry If our life is quite bitter. I’m trying my best to send you in school. Sometimes, I pity myself. I can’t give you anything that you wanted. It pains me so much whenever we go to the toy store, and spot some mothers buying good toys to their children. I’m sorry son. Your toys could only fit in a shoe box. It pains me so much whenever I see parents with their sons and daughters having a quality time with each other. I know we’re not complete son. I am very sorry. But despite these dilemmas, you are my strength son. Whenever I feel lonely, you always comfort me.

We have gone through different trials and dilemmas. Please understand me. I know you’re more mature than me. Forgive me son. I entered this kind of situation in which I I thought it was easy. I didn’t enjoy my life until you came.

Now that you have you’re eighteen, I hope that you’re still my son that I have raised for eighteen years. I know that we may not be the perfect family that we have dreamed, but I hope we still remain intact ‘til the end of time. Remember that your mama is always by your side. I am always beneath the wings of your dreams. I love you.

The Tale of the Son:

Mom, I know the fact that we’re incomplete since when I was young. If you just remember when I was five or six when I asked this critical question: Why do my classmates have a male mother? How come they have two mothers? Then you cried. I cried too thinking that you’re hurt. I know I may not own the hottest toys in town but honestly, I don’t care about it mom. All I need was you. You know, everything in my world is not absolute without you. I am very proud of you mama. You have raised me even if you’re not with papa. I know it’s hard.

In school, I always feel insecurities whenever I see my classmates with their parents. They’re complete. But hey! Do they have a mother as strong as you? Don’t worry mom. I have fully understood our situation. When I have my own family, I would always tell my children that I am very fortunate to have a mother like you. I will always follow your advices. Don’t cry mama. I know that I’m happy with our simple life. I love you mama. :)

(wait.. kelan nga ang Mother’s DAY? HAHAHAA)


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    di single mom nanay ko noh! wala lang. feel ko lang gumawa ng story. lol.

  4. hahaha. story? nice baya! pang MMK. lol. hahaha

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    sa may 11 ata..

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  7. ay o tama. may 11 diay. HAHAHA LOL. ah basta ang alam ko every month of may ang mother's day. lol.

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    hi this is nice. actually, it made me cry.. really.

    i dont know you but this entry is perfect.:)
    nice one!:)

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    bow stranger!:) haha. this is soo nice:) i really shed a tear.

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