Sunday, May 11, 2008

Barabasaw Sabaw Entry # 1

It’s Sunday but Mr. Sunny Sidey Uppy didn’t show his face since nine in the morning. Whatdaheck! Anyhow, this should be rather an unsystematic post. Just read if you like.

Hey hey! Alam niyo ba? Enya is a WITCH? Well well, according to my Chemistry Teacher, Enya or Eithne Ní Bhraonáin in real life practices modern witchcraft (and Wizardry, ala Harry Potter, hahaha) called Wiccan. Yeah, she’s the Queen of New Age Music and maybe the Queen of all Witches. HAHAA. But hey! I don’t feel any ominous and portentous aura whenever I listen to Enya. Hahaha. She is indeed the undisputed queen of New Age Music and can never be surpassed by any New Age artists here in the planet.

So yeah, while surfing the net at my lola’s house, my tito (uncle) asked me to download some albums of Isgaard (pronounced as Isgard) in torrent (unfortunately, it’s not available in

I asked him, “Sino si Isgaard?”
He replied, “Basta, pakinggan mo siya, maganda, nice, parang Enya.”
“Ah, NEW AGE! Sige nga, masearch nga sa Imeem”..

Then I searched in through Imeem, then boom! Look on what I’ve discovered. My hair rose the moment I hear one of Isgaard’s song. Here’s a sample, and my favorite so far, Golden Key:

♪♪ I had a dream that I found the Golden Key.. ♪♪

Oh yeah, NEW AGE MUSIC is ♥♥♥.

Attention earthlings! Iraq will host the 2008 Miss Universe. Just kidding. HAHAHA. Now seriously, I like watching this beauty pageant since it raises the pride of being Filipino whenever our representative would make it even in the final 20. Hahaha. Well, just admit it. We are sick and tired of the Ms. Photogenic title. HAHAHA. Well, it’s better to have an award than nothing, diba? Hahaha. Oh yeah, Iraq will not host Miss Universe 2008 from shit’s sake, it’s Vietnam. THAT’S RIGHT, Vietnam will host the Miss Universe 2008. Weee. I just hope that the Vietnamese audience would observe proper de quorum in the said event (unlike those Mexican audience last year, remember? Miss USA? Rachel Smith? BOOOOOOO??! Hahaha. Ohhh, my butt hurts).

Oh yeah, Jennifer Barrientos will represent our country. What if, Janina San Miguel REPRESENTS our country? Hmmm! Just think of it, it would be better if she speaks Tagalog and has an interpreter, which is quite rare for us since Filipinos are known to be fluent in English (just don’t bother the accent). But hey, if you just ANSWER the question, the contestant has the chance to win the Miss Universe Crown. Remember Miss Japan’s (Riyo Mori, if not mistaken, or otherwise) answer? She didn’t answer the question. Her answer was not profound and she only elaborated that she loves to dance and wants to pass this great talent to the younger generation and yet, she won! HAHAHA.

What will happen to Miss Universe 2008? May magbubutt-dive ba tulad sa nagyari kay Bb. Estados Unidos? Let’s just find out, maybe we’ll find a counterpart of Janina San Miguel. Oops. Just wait ‘til July 2008.

My pamily is bery important. I told I was conpident. HAHAHA. Enough!

Hey! Miss Universe? I heard that the Kingdom of Planet YEKOK wants to join the contest. Will Marikokey win the Miss Universe 2008 crown? I don't think she has a lot of potentials in this event, do you?

Isn’t it wonderful that Bea Alonzo’s the Philippine version of Betty La Fea? HAHAHA. Yeah! I’m right and I’m not left. HAHA. TAKTE. Yes, I’m right. Bagay na bagay talaga siya. I already saw her geeky look (with matching head brace) when she played the role of Katrina in Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay (starring Lorna Tolentino and John Lloyd Cruz). WOOHOO! Can’t wait, and she’s lucky.

Hey PSP Gamers! Someone introduce me this cute PSP game, LOCO ROCO! Even if I don’t have a PSP, I think this game’s really CUTE! The mechanics of this game is just similar to Super Mario. You just need to reach the end of each level, eliminate those baddies and get those treasures that are vital in your stat. I think I’m gonna make a multiply layout of this game, of course, with the help of CS3. HAHAHA :))

Here’s the sample of their song: (just click the play button, autoplay’s deactivated).


Oh yeah, I’ve been blabbering various things for almost an hour. Naaahhhh.

YakeeteeyakeeteeYAK! Talk to my hand.

‘Coz we appreciate LIFE MORE – Wilson Catingub Jr. HAHAHAHA. =)))


  1. i still can't get over with Janina San Miguel! well, i just hope that she will have a good performance in Ms. World! i love New Age Music too! and just you and me, i practiced wicca before. pero nagstop ko. hehehe. :D

  2. HAHAHAH :)))))
    lingaw diay ang wicca?
    lol. pero wa koy balak mag practice ana. haha

  3. ooohhhh. ISGAARD is LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. hahahhaa.

  4. andrew king10:08 PM

    I'm confuse................

  5. kewL bLog! ...
    yeah <3 isgard!
    LOCO ROCO ubbeeeerrrr kyut! .... khit d ku maintindihan pngsasabi nLa .... hahaha

  6. hahahha. parang ang gulo nga ehhhh. lol. ganito lang talaga ako mag isip.. lol. but anyway thanks..

    tapos ang loco roco.. sinadya talaga yan na ganon.. parang gawa-gawa lang. HAHA.


  7. hahaha .. onga kung anu Lng ata maicip mu cnusuLAt mu ... hehhe
    Love new age music rn kac ... yeah... shes good rn ... hehe
    hahaha ... onga pro kyuuuutttt, uber!....

  8. baliw kasi ako ehh. lol. hahhaha :))
    plano ko ngang gumawa ng loco roco layout ehhhhh. pag di na ako busy. lol.

  9. ahahaha ... ganun?! baLiw!... hahaha ... =)
    hahaha .. ankyuuut nun .... theyre Lyk ung sa cartoon network, ung imaginary frends sumthing ... hehehe

  10. oonga! hahaha :))
    napakacreative ng mga creators ng loco roco.

  11. andrew king10:11 PM

    I get confuse when things ideas aren't connected. If they aren't connected then I won't be confuse if the person use the corresponding words

  12. well that's the beauty of informal writing.. you need to have a broad and creative imagination.

  13. andrew king10:12 PM

    yay i'm going to be confuse forever. If I see something simillar to this

  14. jong toleco10:12 PM


  15. durima10:13 PM

    i don't see enya as a witch.. i find her songs relaxing... nakakatawa naman tong post mo.. naisip ko tuloy pano kung witch nga si Enya.. LOL! =)

  16. sir jong:

    sigh too. HUUUYYY SIR! pahiram ng book! hahaha,


    witch man or hindi.. she's still the queen of new age. lol.