Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Despedida of Desperation on a Depraved Society

I have two pairs of eyes. I have a 20-20 vision, so perfect and aptness glistened on my world. I have a perfect nose. I can smell everything, from the putrid smell of sewer to the sweet fragrance of flowers in May. I have two pairs of ears. I can hear the beauty of God’s creation. I have a complete body organs and functional systems. They work according to their function and they act in systematically.

He only has one eye. His other eye suffered from the wrath of Lucifer. He only has one kidney and he’s weaker. The evil tooth fairy pulled out all of his teeth by using her magical pliers. He’s getting weaker. And yes, he doesn’t have a complete body parts. He is not perfect.

But no, perfection can never be attained by everyone else. People nowadays are becoming more desperate on to this decisive period of time. People lived in a harsh environment. They are suffering from hostility and immorality in this gratuitous community. Money is not an issue after all; it’s in the people and in the leaders who rule our country. Likewise, mutuality between the two sectors must be observed. Crisis is everywhere!

I have watched The Correspondents a while ago and I realized that people are finding ways just to earn money, that is, to support their family by giving shelter, food and drink. I was stunned by those people who were featured in the show. One donated his left eye in exchange of Php 150,000. I believe in this saying na “Ang perang galing sa hangin, ay mawawala na parang bula.” Another man donated his WHOLE SET OF TEETH for just Php 1,200! You see, he can’t eat nor chew the food well and sometimes his gums bleed whenever he chews hard food like biscuits, meat and etc.

I say that the body is the most sacred gift from God. You know, everything in our body is irreplaceable, even with the help of the latest technology. I mean c’mon! Even the latest technology has its own glitches and flaws. You can’t replace the whole EYE (except for the cornea). You can’t totally replace your damaged cochlea, auditory nerves and olfactory nerves. Everything in our body should be subjected on intensive care.

But what do these people do? They just donate their own kidneys, livers, eyeballs, corneas, teeth, kneecaps, blood in exchange of money. But wait! There are other alternatives that can generate revenues, right? It’s just, people can’t think clearly if they’re subjected to desperation. Admittedly, I chose the worse decision whenever I’m desperate. Does that count as a psychological imbalance? Desperation can lead to depression, I guess. They do whatever their body can endure, whether pain or morality, as long as they don’t ran out of ideas just to thrive and survive the hostile society.

I’m not mad at them. I pity them since some of them aren’t paid by those gruesome crocodiles. C’mon. They are the ones who are unfortunate in their lives, in terms of education and livelihood and it’s quite IRONIC to think that they’re the ones who are deceived by the highly educated citizens of the community!

This is just one hell-of-an example of Cancer in society. Just think of this simple thought: Men are different from cars. We do not sell our body parts like those SPARE parts of cars. Selling our body is an immoral act. Our body is sacred. It’s such a degrading act if we do that dissolute thing. Why do such people commit such things like these?

And the answer for that query? Poverty.

Poverty (also called penury) is defined as deprivation of those things that determine the quality of life, including food, clothing, shelter and safe drinking water, but also "intangibles" such as the opportunity to learn and to enjoy the respect of fellow citizens. Poverty could make everyone insane. It thus has damaging effects on the society. According to Wikipedia:

The capacity of the state is further undermined by the problem that people living in poverty may be more vulnerable to extremist political persuasion, and may feel less loyalty to a state unable to deliver basic services. For these reasons conditions of poverty may increase the risk of political violence, terrorism, war and genocide, and may make those living in poverty vulnerable to human trafficking, internal displacement and exile as refugees. Countries suffering widespread poverty may experience loss of population, particularly in high-skilled professions, through emigration, which may further undermine their ability to improve their situation.

But I am certain that these predicaments in our society could benefit somehow on to each and everyone’s well being. It makes us stronger and helps us realize that this is just a part of our everyday life. Unfortunately, there are some people who have a weak heart and low self-esteem, which eventually leads them to suicide. It just saddens me whenever I hear some news about a man who commits suicide because of poverty.

Let’s just hope that desperation would leave us and she will give her final goodbyes to us soon, VERY SOON. Let’s just hope and pray for that, even if it’s quite impossible. But who knows right? Nothing’s impossible! Let’s just wait for the GOLDEN KEY.

..Save all the poor and set the children free..

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