Friday, May 09, 2008

You have just entered my entropic mind.

What’s on my mind right now? Just read this crap. :P

While watching CNN, mom asked me a few questions.

Mom: Hala kuy, tingnan mo ang Myanmar, kawawa masyado.
Me: Oo nga. Di kasi sila sanay sa mga cyclones eh.
Mom: Cyclone? Diba parang mahina lang yan?
Me: No ma. According to reports, this cyclone reached at a maximum speed of 210 kph. Signal number 4 nayan kung ditto sa ‘Pinas. And yeah, cyclone talaga ang tawag ng bagyo nila since galling siya sa Indian Ocean. Kung Pacific Ocean, typhoon. Kung sa Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane.
Mom: Ahhh. Ganon ba? I see. Teka. Ano tawag sa mga taga-Myanmar?

--and my dad joined our conversation:

Dad: Myanmarese.
Me: HAHAHA. Di ah! Burmese ata.
Mom: Ba’t nga sila nag change ng name?
Me: Aba ewan. HAHAHA. Nalimutan ko na ang etymological history niyan.

The bottom line is this:

The world is affected by this single tragedy. In today’s time, the economies of all countries in the world are interconnected to each other - Mutualism. I’m getting immune with the news about rice shortage, oil price hike, the worker’s petition of wage hike, surging electrical charges, electricity and water shortage and a whole lot more.

With Myanmar’s adversity, the world once again suffers from another price hike, particularly in the food sector. Mother Nature seeks revenge. She’s responsible for all of the mishaps in our planet. I have read one of my friend’s blog entries which she learned from her Literature teacher. This is quite hilarious, but this is true!

“Do NOT save mother earth, save yourself from her wrath!”

The world is getting smaller, figuratively and literally. A while ago, mom bought a few pandesals. And boy! It’s small, VERY SMALL! I mean, you can gobble it in just one bite. Really. Di na kailangan ng effort. HAHA :)). Donuts are also getting smaller and I have to tell you this, mayayabang na ang mga donuts ngayon! HAHAHA. Joke, nah, seriously! Donuts nowadays are just filled with air. Does this count as an optical illusion? I guess it is an optical illusion! :P

So yeah, I had fun reading Joie’s latest blog entry. Well let me have the chance to describe her. She’s the future heiress of UP’s Molecular Biology Laboratory. She’s nice, very nice. She’s a generous person. She’s very responsible and happy go lucky. She knows how to deal things. On a more serious note, she’s a good sister, di ba Jee Sean? HAHAHA :))

I just missed school already. I consider UP as my second home, though it’s just 10 minutes away from home. Hahaha. I just missed the feeling of being pressured. Those famous taglines:

“Naku, I haven’t studied for this subject, ah bahala na!”
“HUWAAT? Nag quiz kayo? Shyyeet.”
“Pakopya ng mga sagot mo sa lab.. THANK YOU”

Naah. It’s just mas nakakawalang ganang mag blog kung hindi ako stressed. HAHAHA :)) But hey, today’s May and why does May feels like SUNDAY? Hmmm.

I’m getting sick and tired of my asthma attacks. Today, I can’t taste because of my flu. I feel weak. I’m always hungry, really. I’m still thin. Guys, guys, what’s the best way to gain weight? I’m still 105 pounds – underweight for my height. Oh well, that’s life.

Oh yeah. Mcdo’s cheeseburger is more delicious than Jollibee’s. Ahh. Cheeseburgers and Coke floats will make my day complete. Thanks mom! :D

I wish pinanganak ako sa eroplano. Seriously! It’s just I want to avail the free tickets to virtually anywhere. Whenever I’m bored, I’ll just hop from one airport to another. Hahaha. Airport hopping’s better than Island hopping, I think, or otherwise. Naah, I’m looking forward for the Philippine’s FIRST suspension bridge – the IGACOS bridge, which connects downtown Davao to Samal Island.

I’m just wondering. When I was a child, I believed that Mt. Apo is a dead volcano, an inactive one. But hey! I have learned that it was indeed an active Volcano! It’s just dormant as of today. Levels of Sulfur gases indicate that the sleeping Giant is indeed SLEEPING! I wonder if the Philippine’s tallest peak would erupt. It would be more disastrous than Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption back in 1991. That would be a disaster. Only God knows kung kailan puputok ang Mt. Apo.

Once again, I’m hungry. I’m bored. If you managed to read this up to this point, congratulations! Ohhhhh, Let me know, Lemme know! My mind is spinning round and round. And now, I am sleepy, again! :O The adverse effects of drinking Neozep. Uggh.



  1. yey! nakakabigay na uli ako ng maayos na comment! hehehe. i'm beginning to get tired of the news lately. paulit-ulit kasi. and puro na lang bad news. Good Lord! help us! hahay.

    lapit na magstart ang classes. hehe. good luck sa atin! hehe. :D

  2. jong toleco11:11 PM

    ikaw na jud na renz

  3. frances ignacio11:13 PM


  4. hahaha. really? it looks like hindi coherent ang mga ideas ehh :))

  5. michael lu11:14 PM

    ang ganda ng music
    deep thoughts

    maayo ka mag-blog
    ano ba ako
    taouch ako sa music ahahah

  6. michael:

    of course. it's enya ehhh. hahaha :))
    well thanks michael. well thanks to mr. boredom. he made my day.. ay wait.. cheeseburgers pala. HAHAHAA :)) salamat! :D

  7. frances ignacio11:16 PM

    well yeah. haha :)) random thoughts. haha nice one :)

  8. hahaha. i just want to write a post na hindi coherent. wala lang. unless if it's formal writing. hahah :))

  9. michael lu11:17 PM

    ganahan ka kumaon ng cheeseburger ako
    masganahan sa apple pie hahah

  10. naaah. mas masarap ang cheeseburger.
    kabalo ka? ang apple pie sa McDO, SAYOTE lang daw naaa??
    anyhow.. kung sayote na siya.. don't care! masarap pa rin. hahaha. wait. ilonggo ba ka? ayaw pag ilonggo ha? kay dile baya kaayo ko kasabot. LOL =))))))))

  11. michael lu11:17 PM

    Illonggo + cebuano ako.. pero namimix ko nag dalawa kc ewan , I don't speak well

  12. michael lu11:18 PM

    pero dire sa hong knog apple talaga hahaha

  13. "Illonggo + cebuano ako.. pero namimix ko nag dalawa kc ewan , I don't speak well"

    oh i c. hahaha :))))

  14. yah. yan ung mga sabisabi.. but hell. sayote or apple.. it's still delicious. hahha.
    nasa hongkong ka ngayon?:)

  15. michael lu11:19 PM

    yea I'm always in hong knog pag-summer
    parang loyal ako sa place of birth ko hahahaha
    yea it's true delicious :D

  16. HAHAHAHAA :))
    wala lang. basta hongkong.. ma remember ko parati is yung kowloon district.. ung malapit sa old airport. WAAAAA. da best manood ng mga 747-400 na mag-ikot ng 47 degrees sa mga hills tas masyadong mababa ang altitude. lol.

  17. michael lu11:20 PM

    oh.. you mean the kai tak airport
    they closed it cause a china airline crashed ..
    o.0 0.o -.- _._

    yea it's true I like airplanes but i'm not a fanatic

  18. and besides it's quite scary ehhh. ung old kai tak airport. hahaha. wala lang.. very prone to crosswinds. :))

  19. michael lu11:20 PM

    I know... hahahaha
    it's safer now on the chep lap kok airport

  20. yah coz it's a reclaimed land, away from the bustling districts of kowloon. hahaha.

  21. michael lu11:21 PM

    hahah yea

  22. finished it. :] and even listened to the song. haha.
    weird music. ano yun?

    and and, gamay na bitaw ang pandesal renzy noh?
    basi pati ang choco bread bah gamay nalng pud ang palaman T________T

  23. Ya. Sa totoo, nasasaktan ako pag food na ang problema. It's a basic need kasi e. Pano na yung mga mahihirap, no? lalo na ung mga bata, no?

  24. Ikaw yung nagpatugtog nung Adiemus. That's one of my fav.

  25. jess lauchengco11:25 PM

    whew! :)

  26. juli:

    ano.. si enya kumanta ng background music.
    WAAAAAA. i hate these adversities. shuuuxxx. X___X

  27. misha:

    oonga, hay naku, baka matulad din tayo niyan sa somalia = food riot. haha.
    WAAA. like mo pala rin si enya :)

  28. kimmie11:26 PM

    Commercialized na masiyado burgers sa mcdo. Hahahaha :))) pero siyempre kakacheeseburger ko lang kanina. AHAHAHAHAHA :))))

  29. wala lang. bahala na maliit. UUGGGHHH. nakakaadik ang cheeseburger. CHEESE-A-HOLIC kasi ako ehhhh :P

  30. kimmie11:26 PM

    Hahahaha I hate cheese. Well not really. Hindi ko kinakain lahat ng klase ng cheese. :)))

  31. hands down! :)) hehe

  32. kimmie:

    fave cheese ko, mozzarella. WEEE :)) pizza is ♥♥ :))))

  33. athena2:48 PM

    walking encyclo ung part one taz nagi kang environmentalist tapos...


  34. HAHAHA. o diba.. ang gulo ng isip ko diba? HAHAHA. actually mas marami pa nga ung iniisip ko ehhhh.. lol. well, this is me ehhh.

  35. maxine2:49 PM

    you're 10 minutes away from UP Mindanao? nainggit naman ako dun! :)) ako one and a half to two hours away ako mula sa campus namin.

    ooh, enya. XD

  36. yepyep! malapit lang talaga bahay namin sa UP. lol. naks. ang layo! san ka pala nakatira??

  37. maxine2:51 PM

    parang one tricycle away lang yung 10 minutes 'no? XD ang saya siguro non. haha. sa Pasig city ako nakatira eh. nahihigop ko muna lahat ng usok ng pasig at quezon city bago ako makarating sa UP. :))

  38. HAHAH! ang layo pala.. eh sa pasig ka pala. lol. teka.. so nagdodorm ka noh? hehehe :)) WEEEEEE. daming moo-moo roon! :D

  39. maxine10:09 PM

    nope! :) gusto ko maging dependent pa eh, kaya di ako nagdodorm. plus, mahirap ang internet access pag nakadorm. haha

  40. michael lu10:10 PM


  41. maxine:

    ay oo! hahaha. bahala na. lol. and sanayan lang yan! hahaha :)))

  42. michael lu:


  43. HaHa!! parehas tayo ng problema. I weigh 103 lbs - hindi sapat for my height. Problema ko talaga ang magpataba kahit kain ako ng kain.

    At nung nagkaroon ako ng chance dati, bumili pako nung Appeton weight-gain(Milk drink yun na pampa-gain ng weight; just in case hindi mo alam). Pero hindi ko nalaman kung effective siya kasi hindi ko na-maintain. Ang mahal kasi. P750 ata siya tas for optimum results kelangan maubos mo siya sa loob ng 3-5 days.

  44. waw hanga ako sayo, maysakit ka pero naka-ol ka pa din all the time. haha!

  45. i know Appeton and God. ang mahal. and yeah. may effect siya.. i gained TWO POUNDS. GRABEH nohhh? SUPER EFFECTIVE???!

    ano pala height mo? kasi ako.. 5'7.. tapos ang minimum weight sa height ko is 120 pounds. SHYET. kelangan ko ng 15 pounds! HAHAHA. ang hirap. oh well papel. bahala na at least makakain pa rin ako in an unlimited way (of course, exercise din ng konti.) HAHAHA.