Sunday, May 25, 2008

BUDA - Davao's version of Baguio City

Finally I’m back from the cyber world!
Yeehah. I really missed this thing, but hey! I will never forget and regret my wonderful experience on yesterday and today’s adventure. HAHAHA!

Since the second week of May, we, together with Aiai (the birthday celebrant), decided when and where will she celebrate her eighteenth birthday. She wants to have a memorable experience on to her eighteenth birthday. YEEHAH! And so, after giving all of our efforts and suggestions, we finally agreed that she will have her debut party at Buda. At first, my parents were hesitant (and yeah, that’s their role whenever I want to have an adventure), but then it seems like napapagod na silang mageexplain about the cold weather in Buda, the cold and foggy mornings and evenings and etcetera. But then, because of my plea, they finally gave their final decision: SASAMA NA AKO. At last!!

So yesterday, I have prepared my things by nine in the morning, uploaded some videos in my site, ate my lunch and finally left my domicile. We rendezvoused at UP and due to some minor commotions with the driver and to some minor confusion we left at around 3:40 pm instead of the planned time, which is 2.00 pm sharp (Ye know, Filipino Time. HAHAHA!)

Tara! Biyahe Tayo sa Buda!

Let's do the Yuri High!

It was a smooth and rainy ride. Mother Nature made us enthralled by the beauty of the lush pine forest, rich foliage and the picturesque view of the mountain ranges. We finally arrived at the Island in the Sky (the venue) at around 5pm. And yes, Davao City pa rin ang Buda, haha!

Picturesque view.

Grabe! Ang lapit lang na Jollibee! Pa deliver tayo?? =)))))))

We unpacked our things and cooked for our dinner. And yeah, the dinner was indeed sumptuous. Kumain kami ng Thai Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry, sosyal much. NAKS! Scrumptious, delectable, PALATABLE.. burger! Burger! Burger! After dinner, me together with Aiai, Princess and with the Food Tech pipz talked about anything under the sun – from school, love life, crushes, high school life, ghost stories sa dorm, academic pressure in UP and many more. Others went upstairs to prepare a surprise for Aiai’s special day.

SO YEAH! This part was full of fun and excitement! Aiai’s 18 memories and 18 “party” balloons! HAHAHA! Just look on to our silly faces.

Ang ganda ng balloons namin! :))))))


It was indeed very cold on that night. Ang tubig lang nga sa gripo, sing lamig ng tubig na nasa loob ng ref! GRABEEH! We can’t see anything outside since there were no street lights on the highway (except for the faint outline of the fog that hovers the night). The air was very cold, daig pa niya ang aircon sa bahay! It was almost midnight but we were now on to our respective beds. Aiai and her buddies slept at the living room while I, July, Mon, Yuri, Sir Jong and Neil slept at the attic. We opted to leave the window open. We just talked everything under the sun, mostly from our teacher’s experience in UP. At heto pa, bentang benta ang joke ni Neil. HAHAHA! =)))))))))

Neil: Bibigyan kita ng trabaho, 10,000 pesos per day ang sweldo, i-lista mo ang mga pangalan ng mga NOISY sa PALENGKE.

HAHAHA. Grabeh. But the girls below had a funnier conversation. They just talked about their wishes and dreams to marry this one guy. Kahit anong pilit nilang ichange ang topic, bumabalik pa rin sila sa “main” topic nila. HAHAHAH. Diba Girls? HAHAHA.

Finally, at around 1 in the morning, we decided to close our eyes and sleep like ishlseeping beauty.

I woke up at five twenty in the morning and I was beguiled by the scenic view of the garden in our window. The sky was blue and we our morning was greeted with a heavy fog. Zero visibility. But yeah, it was realllllyyy COOLLLDDD! Imagine, tatlong layers na ng damit ang sinuot ko, giniginaw pa rin ako! HAHAHA =))))

The dawn is breaking.

Nasa highway sila. COOOOLLLD!

Kamiiii rin!

We had some random pictorials in the HIGHWAY! I also realized that Buda is the BEST PLACE to commit SUICIDE. Diyos ko, ang saya niyan kung madaganan ka ng eighteen-wheeler truck or ng bus! HAHA! Ayos niyan, hindi ka talaga mabubuhay since ang layo ng hospital, (Eh Jollibee nga 76 km ang layo, how much more ang mga hospitals sa Davao!).

Monster truck madness.

The fog lasted for about three and a half hours. It finally dissipated at around nine fifteen in the morning. Well, we decided na maligo sa Epol Falls, about 30-40 minutes away by foot from the rest house. We walked in the highway, and admittedly, it was dangerous yet exciting. HAHAHA =)))). We bought strawberries and entered the wilderness. It was my first time actually to see a waterfall. I thought sa tv ko lang yan makikita (sounds OA, but true), but then, nakakita na talaga ako ng waterfalls! WEEEE. I’m so happy. The water was refreshingly COLD. Some did photo shoots in the falls.

The death march. =)))))))

We're down down in an earlier round!

Papasok pa lang kami!

Heto and makikita namin kapag naghihiking kami to Epol Falls. :)))))

It was a fun and an exciting trip that I’ve experienced. There were no dull moments and all we have to do is to enjoy the last two weeks of summer!

Somehow, this is the best summer vacation that I’ve experienced. I learned new things, hiked for almost an hour and was almost attacked by asthma due to fatigue (yan kasi, kulang sa exercise!), discovered the wonders of Mother Nature, and have a close encounter with Mr. Fog.

Sir Jong and his girlfriends. HAHAHA. JOKE LANG! :))))))))

Kaming Lahat.

Epol Waterfalls!

Once again, Aiai Lagmay! HAPPY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY! =)))) WE LOVE YOU. Awwww. =))))))

So yeah, I know we have to say goodbye to the rest house and to Buda, but as what the infamous McArthur have always said during the World War II to the Filipinos: I SHALL RETURN, or better, WE SHALL RETURN.

Bye bye Buda!

And now, it's DORA THE EXPLORER'S turn:

What was your favorite part of the trip..BLINK BLINK.. I LIKE THAT TOO!


  1. awesome trip. i like traveling because not only you discover other places but you also discover yourself and your capabilities. have a nice day little bro.

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  3. hala!makainggit lagi kayo!makes me remember our place sa epol...huhu.

  4. could you pls furnish the contact number of island in the sky? tnx in advance

  5. Anonymous12:28 PM

    hindi ko makita mga pics. :D

  6. sayang wala na ang pics.... :-(