Sunday, December 23, 2007

Forget me not

It's the Yuletide Season.

A perfect time for family bonding, a time to give gifts to our loved ones, a time to EAT and KILL TIME, and most of all, a time to..


Wait wait. It's Christmas right? Am I crazy? No. Seriously. I'm just surfing the net for three and a half hours when I came across with July's latest blog post moments ago. God. Thanks July for posting that blog post, I mean, Bio 3 Lab didn't came to my subconscious mind until I read your blog. Thank you so much. Really. I OWE You.

And this is the summary of our workloads this Holiday Season:

1) Chem 17 Long Quiz - Metallic Bond, Covalent Bond and Ionic Bond, Lewis Structure and it's NATURE. Good thing, we had already lectured this in our Chem 17 Lab and in our MST 1 (Nat.Sci 1). Haaay. Expect the unexpected kiddo!

2) Bio 3 (Biodiversity) Lab Reports - God. Ang dami nila. Lots and lots of blank pages to draw and tables to fill. WERLA !!! (Ma'am Pakdat would always use this word during stressful activities). Lolz.

I'm still enjoying my Christmas BREAK and hopefully I should start doing these tremendous and excruciating homeworks after the Christmas Eve, that is, the day after TOMORROW (I'm not talking about ice ages and global warming for now, haha lolz). At least, I can do something that is productive on to my "intelligence side". Naks naman. =))

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Tomorrow's the BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG and PIG DAY! Don't forget to drink Motillium to circumvent Dyspepsia and Loperamide to thwart that nasty LBM! Haha.


  1. salamat JULY! merry christmas sa inyong lahat! :D

  2. derric11:42 PM

    hahahaha... its not a perfect time to study...

    1.) Labor law long exam: 38 cases to read + 30 articles of the labor code

    2.) Banking Law: PDIC charter

    3.) Fiscal Studies: Report on Government Expenditure.

    4.) Jan 14-19 : MIDTERMS

    haven't started anything yet. im dead!

  3. peepaw11:44 PM

    do u have bandaid or sumthing? haha . nosebleed!!

  4. haaay. buhay college student. WLANG PAHINGA. hmph. san ka nagaaral? UP? hahaha. shux accountancy :)).. well ako.. bio :)) haha. merry christmas derric!

  5. peepaw. sanay na ako sa bloodshed. HAHAHAHA =))

  6. johanna11:49 PM

    studying gives me headache! hahaha.. ü

  7. no it's not! HAHAHA. it's a good mental exercise nga ehh. it prevents Alzheimer's disease. hahah lolz

  8. derric12:04 AM

    nope. sa san beda po. Legal management.

    merry christmas din

  9. oooo. i c. HAHAHA. well gudluck to u then.

  10. renz, for once in your life. could you just forget the word STUDY?! hahaha. good luck na lang sa kung anong gagawin mo this holiday season!

    happy holidays and tc! :D

  11. derric12:54 AM

    tnx... goodluck din sayo... kaya yan

  12. OMIGOOOD KIM! if i have the chance i would surely forget the WORD STUDY. but HELL as you are, ayokong masingko! iba na once ur in UP (dibah UP ka rin?) HAHAHAHA. so no choice but to enjoy the so-called WERLA academic lifestyle of oble's institution :D

  13. marielle1:31 PM

    goodluck dong ! (:

  14. Shet bat di nalagay yung comment ko. Anyways... Haha. Good luck sayo! :P buti na lang tapos na lahat for me. Panibagong term naman next year samin kaya pahinga talaga ngayong bakasyon. Hehe.

    Just enjoy your vacation... while studying. Haha :))

    Merry Christmas! :D

  15. wehoo. buti pa kayo.. haaay. =( merry christmas din cha!