Friday, December 07, 2007

ONE Smell - Oh - Rama Day


We didn't have our lecture on our Math 14 Class and our professor didn't gave us ANY exercises or whatsoever notes in his bulletin board. I checked the Department of Physics and Mathematics and Computer Science's (DPMCS's) bulletin board - and there was nothing! WALA!

He only gave an assignment to his CMSC56 (ComSci 56) class. Oh well. All we did was to talk and talk and joke and talk again and then draw those protists and then talk in an endless manner. We just stayed sa labas ng lobby ng CSM. haha =)

Then Ma'am Pakdat arrived and pinahiram ko siya ng 10 pesos due to the "change **slash** coin" scarcity of Manong HH driver. Haaay.

We had an experiment in our Bio 3 Lab and yeah, we just drew some of the plants given by our lab teacher. July took a picture of herself and out of nowhere Ma'am Pakdat joined her AND SO DO I. WE'RE CERTIFIED CAMWHORES! yahoo! and this is the product of our "kabulastugan". PRUWEBA!

That's July on the left, ME at the center, and Ma'am Pakdat on the right.

Alright. Due to intense boredom, The two M&M's - Mark and Mon had this brilliant idea:

They literally cooked the Calachuchi flower, the Zea mays seed AKA corn /slash/ mais and a pinch of rice grain in a laboratory broiler (I forgot the name basta it looks like a typical broiler sa inyong kusina).

Man. The smell. THE AROMA of the popcorn makes me feel hungrier. Then we had lunch. I ate two cups of rice and pork-pork something viand. Basta, I didn't care kung ano ang ulam ko, all I really need was to EAT and EAT and EAT. Then poof! Nalibre pa ako ni Ma'am Pakdat ng LUNCH! I thought she'll just repay me the 10 peso-coin, but instead, nalibre pa niya ako! WEE.

Then we had our Bio 3 Lec. May God. 1:00-2:30 pm makes me oh-so SLEEPY. Good thing I read the lesson in advance and our professor would send us the handouts for her lectures anyway, so I decided to sleep. Ayay! Tinulugan lang ang Biodiversity. Togsh. At the middle of Ma'am Novie's lecture, I smelled something that is QUITE unusual. A foul, malodorous and fetid smell. Somebody inflicted a putrid, odorous smell in an air conditioned room! My God somebody FARTED and it smelled bad - REALLY BAD


ANG BAHO! We all just laughed and kung sino man ang umutot kahapon, MAHIYA KA!

Well, next class was AH3 / Comm3 - and I REALLY WANT TO SLEEP NA! I NEED COFFEE! PRONTO! Then Ilearned that there's a free ice cream for everyone! Weee. I felt alive after I consume the entire ice cream! At ako'y nabuhayan ng dahil sa ice cream. Aba. Aba! Does ice cream nowadays contain caffeine? Nah. It's just a placebo - a mere psychological effect. IMAGINATION. Nananaginip nang gising.

During the Comm 3 lecture, all I did was to review for our next class' exam - MST1 or NatSci 1. Ay ewan ko bah. We just had a lecture abuot those communication stuffs. (peace to Sir Dennis! =])

And yeah, we took the exam and it's pretty easy but I made a simple mistake. Aynakungbataka!

Then, the WHOLE BsBio family went in a certain laboratory para gumawa ng isang kakaibang obra-maestra -- A CHRISTMAS BELEN! This was made for our upcoming Kasadya parade this coming December 14.

I didn't the group since I don't like the smell of rotting newspapers and the place was quite dusty and I'm so allergic to it. So I went to the Admin. Building to celebrate Chippy's AKA Krista's 17th birthday. Weee. God. It's my first time - first time to be drunk and tipsy. I don't like the feeling. It's not because of any alcoholic drinks, but because of those tremendous, uber delicious Red Ribbon Cakes! My God! I ate 4 slices of red ribbon choco-caramel cake. We also drank Welch's grape-flavored carbonated juice. Yeah.

When I went home, I just took a quixk shower then I immediately went into deep slumber. 8:00 pm - TOO EARLY.

Then, kanina lang, at 5:00 am, I smelled another intriguing aroma. No it's not the aroma of popcorn nor the aroma of the natural FART (eeeww). Yep! It's the smell of burnt plastic. Haay kawawa. It goes like this:

My dad was still sleepy and groggy when he reheated the viand last night nang dumikit ang isang plastic thing. Ayun. The entire huose smelled like a plastic factory.

Haay buhay. I smell something fishy right now. It's 6:08 am and two and a half hours from now, I'm gonna report for our PPT presentation in our Chem 17 class. Oh yeah. No Chem 17 lab for this day! So, my class would only be 8:30-10:00 am (Chem 17 lec) and 2:30-3:30 for my PE 2 Table Tennis. Yikes. I-absent ko nalang ang PE. Tinatamad kasi ako eh. HAHAHA.

Hopefully, this would be my first and last absence on Super Mario's PE class. Haha. =)


  1. joie sheen12:08 AM

    haha! SUPER MARIO'S PE CLASS....chakaness...ui nagdula na bya mi ganina...murag tournament thing na ambot...haha c mikko lng ang only girl didto! and u know what? DILI KAAYO OBVIOUS ANG INYONG ABSENCE ganina (*sarcastic*)...kay pagtawag sa attendance, sunod2x ba nman gitawag inyong names...basmayor, berguilla, bulseco, del fierro, de mesa....hahaha

  2. HAHAHAHA! atik joie? shyeeet. gi-ingon nimo na naa koy lagnat, heart attack, asthma etc?? gi-ingon nlng unta nimo naay diarrhea outbreak sa atong bloc. hahahha

  3. louis jordan12:09 AM

    Oh my gawd. You did write several "God"s here. And you did eat Krista's RR keeks. Naibog ko. ARrrgh. As in. Leche man ni si krista kay wa ko giingnan. 630 gud ko nhwa ato sa up kay nagPE pa mi kay sir palomaria (the DICIDING game guy).
    Naglaway ug expect pa naman ko ug cake gahapon.

  4. HAHAHA :)) sus. niapil unta ka! gamay lang gud mi nikaon ug cake :)

  5. lilai8:22 PM

    the farty2 lagi..buang man to ui..

  6. naamoy mo yun? GRABEH lyle! makabuang gud toh! as in.. ang level sa pagkabaho, abot na jud niya ang CNS (central nervous system).. haay kung sino man siya, maig-an unta to ug kidlat. :))