Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The PIG'S remaining DAYS

The end is near.

It's like saying goodbye to Piglet, Babes, the three little pigs, PEGGY, idig-idig [my alleged pet pig when I was young], BABOY and alike.

The end is near.

I've finally finished and completed the arduous yet exciting Bio 3 (Biodiversity) Lab Reports. I've finished not just one lab exercise, but three life-long exercises. I am half through with my heavy home works and school works. I can now concentrate with my upcoming Chemistry long quiz.

I am almost through.

My friend as well as my classmate, July, stated that these home works almost killed her festive mood in today’s holiday season. I agree with her. I second the motion.

My friend Geva, a BACA [Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts] student said that she didn’t know how to start her midterm projects as school resumes this January 3, 2008.

Inna gave a comment on one of my friendster account. She said that it’s quite difficult to locate those pesky answers on our lab reports in Bio 3.

My good old pal Chippy AKA Kim [Krista] didn’t have plans to study for her upcoming long exams in Microbiology and Animal Science.

Fred Egg had tremendous assignments on his SocSci subjects.

Neil would only worry if it is January 2, 2008. For now, he’s gonna enjoy the festive spirit of the yuletide season.

Life is always difficult. You should deal with it.

While I was busy on answering my Bio 3 Lab reports, Carmi texted me that we should have some quality time together with my barkada at the mall (G-mall). Uggh, again?! So we finalized our plans by midnight.

Life is short and full of surprises.

I’m still suffering with my severe flu and my head aches so bad when night struck. I drank two medicine tablets and good thing my head ache went off. Eventually, mom gave me a cool massage on my forehead, head, back and chest. She surprised me.

Life is so sweet and wonderful.

I crave for fruitcakes. My friends find me weird for I find fruitcakes delicious.

Life is a sophisticated thing. Life is WEIRD.

I’m quite anxious with the upcoming year, which is the year 2008. I really don’t know what would be my fate in the next five days.

Destiny shall linger upon one’s life. It is a mysterious paradigm.

I’m going to sleep early. I’m going to meet my old friends within the next 10 hours.

Life is sweet, delicate and a wonderful gift from GOD. Five jittery days before 2008 !!!


  1. advance happy new year to all of us! CHEERS!

  2. Happy New Year and having your acquaintance (even thru blog) in 2007 was a blessing.

    Have a prosperous new year ahead of you.

  3. naks naman. HEHE. thank you din! :D happpyeeee new year! owhell.. walang fireworks dito sa davao =((. okay lang at least zero casualty ang drama dito :))

  4. carmigz6:21 PM

    advanced happy new year din!!

  5. jibskiipoot5:44 PM

    OM! speaking of, untiL now wLa prin akong nasisimulan. sna ako ng Panginoon! tsk! ü waaah! buti ka pa, mei natapos na. congratz! ü

  6. HAHAHA lolz. ano pala mga midterm projects niyo?? =]]