Thursday, December 20, 2007

WALA po ang AMO ko RITO

It's once again the time that the city seems to shine brighter, goods become cheaper and people are expected to be generous. The Yuletide Season here in Davao is known for numerous immigrants **SLASH** indigenous tribes like the Lumads from the mountains of Pacquibato District, Calinan and Marilog District (a good one and half hour ride from Downtown Davao).

The Lumads that migrate to Davao City during the Christmas season are of a diverse group - elders, teenagers and middle aged persons, some of them even carry their own young children in tow. However, this temporary migration can't be attributed to poverty. According to Prof. Aisle Hilario-Patinio, a professor af Anthropology of the University of the Philippines Mindanao, this migration can be explained by cultural and social reasons that are well entrenched in the culture of these ethnic groups. The practice of going down to the city can be traced to their practice of going down to Davao City to trade with the Muslims living in the coastal areas before.

Right now, I observed that during the Holiday season, groups of Lumads flocked to government owned gymnasiums, like in Bankerohan, Boulevard and Mintal. Today, somebody knocked on our gate, asking for something like food, clothing and other necessities in life.

I just replied to the poor Lumad in a blunt manner:

"Ayyy, wala baya akong amo dire." (Ayyy, pasensya na po, wala kasi ang amo ko [boss]).

They just nod and left the gate. I don't know what to do. Di naman ako basta-basta kukuha ng mga unused damit and clothes sa cabinet ko, may mga kamag-anak pa kami na that needs urgent HELP. Haaay. Nakonsyensya tuloy nang dahil sa LUMAD.


  1. andrew king4:25 PM

    Not even a little cookie?

  2. hehehe. ala po akong cookies dito sa bahay. :D

  3. i dont think you should feel guilty. we do have the responsibility to help others, but they have much MUCH greater obligation to take care of themselves. were they born to ask for alms?! IDTS. the hell with these kinda people..

    call me brutal, but they all should perish. taxes exist to punish rich and capable people. aren't taxes enough? nakikisahod pa ang mga "lumad" na yan (waht are lumads?).

    as far as im concerned. they dont deserve help. kung sarili nila hindi nila matulungan noh. omg.

    anyway, it's christmas. so.. ayun. do what you wanna do. basta ako, cruel to the bones. haha! :))

  4. nakunaku scarlet.

    LUMADS or BAGOBOS are one of the indigenous tribes here in DAVAO CITY. forefathers namin yan and they should be given respect nman kahit ganon sila.. asking for goods and etc. besides ala naman sila ginagawang masama dibah?

    christmas ngayon! let's be happy always. :))

  5. hahah! iLL do da same thing cguro. uhm. pwede mn ata foods. prooo.. in fairness mei iba gud na nmimiLi pa ng ibibigai sa kniLa. hahah! gudLak. ö

  6. waaa! korek gevz! binigyan na nga, mamili pa! haay naku. highblood.