Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SILLY childhood memories and MORE

As usual, I surfed the internet, watched THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW for 6 times in a row (I'm planning to watch it again and again, the reason? I'm a frustrated CLIMATOLOGIST haha), and propagated a unicameral form of idiosyncrasy occurring malevolently in the meritorious piece of the clusterubial part of my brain - in short, nakatunganga sa hangin. Haay.

My mom's students (she's running a tutorial center) arrived EARLY. Very early. Little did I know, it was their finals week today, so I had to turn off the computer. After that, it was not a boring day for I just recollected my old, silly childhood days.

Let me have this opportunity to share this with you guys. You may laugh at my story, but hell all of these stories are true and the accuracy of this would be probably 99.99%. So, here it goes.

[x] When I was one a half year old,my mom took me to the airport for we'll board a plane enroute to Zamboanga. That was my first time to ride on a plane. It's neither an airbus nor a 747 jumbo jet; it was a Philippine Airline's Fokker plane. I remembered that I really wanted to enter the XRAY machine because I was mesmerized by its unusual form and its mechanics. Mom clutched my wrist so hard that I cried in the airport in a scandalous approach. Yucks nakakahiya.

[x] Since birth, I'm a computer FREAKAZOID. I used to play Super Mario and outsmart my 21 year old uncle (He's 38 today).

[x] My mom named me Renz Marione but she's fond of calling me Maru instead of my first name. YUCKYUCKYUCK! Kaya, whenever we had our annual reunion on both mother and father side, I could easily tell and pinpoint kung sino ang mga childhood friends ko when I was a baby 'til three years old. Eeek.

[x] Whenever my mom scolds me because I did something wrong, I usually call my ATTORNEY. Yes, my attorney **SLASH** my daddy (my grandpa sa father side). My daddy would automatically defend me even if I'm wrong and mom was right. Haay. That's the primary reason why we left our grandparent's house for good and moved to a house that's far, far, far, far, far away from their wrath. =))

[x] Because my dad’s frequently away from home because of his demanding job, I usually get sick if I didn’t see him for at least a week. And the only remedy? Lagyan ng mga shirts ni papa sa ilalim ng pillow ko. And it works. IT REALLY WORKS.

[x] I used to be VERY, VERY TALKATIVE the moment I learned how to speak in simple ENGLISH sentences. I think I was two years old at that time. So, mom decided to train me, which to recite a poem, LITTLE BOY BLUE. Man oh man. I memorized the whole poem in just a few days. She also taught me how to sing a few nursery rhymes like Twinkle twinkle little Star, Jack and Jill, Fly, fly, fly the butterfly, Humpy Dumpy, Sampung Palaka and many more.

[x] As early as two years old, I acquired an inquisitive and curious mind of a scientist/Biologist. I’m fond of collecting lady bugs and after I’m through on investigating those insects and got bored with it, I threw them into a grassy marsh (don’t worry, they fly). Also I used to collect and trap BIG grasshoppers on a home made cage. My daddy accompanies me whenever I want to catch another set of flying creatures.

[x] My daddy’s an engineer – CIVIL ENGINEER to be more specific. Whenever I’m naughty, he’ll draw a big cockroach on a bond paper and he’ll show his masterpiece to me. Ayun, effective! Biglang takbo like Flash and hide under those thick bedsheets of mine. Heehee.

[x] Because of curiosity, I nailed a large staple bullet on an electric socket, then after a few seconds, I hid under my study table. And for the reason? The electric socket blew and smoke billowed my room. Amoy sunog. The electric current sparked in a malevolent way. Crazy little fella. Strike one.

[x] When I was three, I was accused of a perfidious crime, and that is MURDER. I killed three pregnant goldfish. I slaughtered them by flooding loaf breads on the fishbowl. Ayun, di cguro kinaya ang tinapay, namatay. Boink. Strike two.

[x] I used to be “suplado” (until now, but minsan ‘pag wala sa mood). The story goes like this. My mommy (grandmother) fetched me at school and she brought along some of her friends. One of her friends asked me in cutie-cutie-gootchie-dada manner, “Uyyy, ano ang name mo? Ang cute cute mo talaga!”, then I uninterestedly replied, “Tingnan mo nalang ID ko, nanjan ang name ko (Just look at my ID, my name’s inscribed on it).” Then she commented, “Ay, ang suplado! Hahaha. Kanino kaya nyan nag-mana?” and my lola just replied a big smile. Then off we went to McDonald’s to eat and buy ANOTHER SET of happy meal. I used to be a spoiled brat to my grandparents when I was young.

[x] I was born in this filthy world with a thick face. That’s right! Since birth, makapal na talaga ang pagmumukha ko. It goes like this. When I was celebrating my second birthday, we were still at Zamboanga and we attended a fancy program at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University’s auditorium. The show presented mascots of various cartoon characters of which I love and adore like Tom and Jerry and Ninja Turtles. Due to sheer exhilaration and anticipation, I ran towards the stage in the middle of the program. The program was on a brink to failure because I ruined it. I was the center of attraction because I danced like a fool. They just laughed on me, and I don’t really care. I just enjoyed my shining moment at that time. After that, I went down the stage, people gave me applause and sat down on a chair beside my mom as if nothing happened a few minutes ago. I was even featured on TV (TV Patrol Western Mindanao)!

[x] Aside from being talkative, I’m fond of inventing words - words of my own language. Kulang nalang may RENZY language na sa world and soon I’ll publish my very own dictionary! Words like Gatchanparry, Bagul, Loolooness Asimpiyu, Bugo, Utan, gusto (I prounounce that word as JUSTO), MMMbelt are products of my wildest imaginations. Gatchanparry refers to a house, Bagul of Bugo to slippers, Loolooness Asimpiyu to Looney Tunes, Utan to idunno (haha, nalimutan ko na), MMMbelt for “asan ang belt ko?”.

Haaay. Now I realized why I’m such a silly, big monster ‘til now.


  1. joiesheen10:14 PM

    hahaha samuka renz ui!

    gihimo pud nko ng mag MURDER ug fish! may gani imo kay gi flood lng ug loaf bread...ang ako kay after ko nalingaw sa ila ug tan-aw, i-scoop nko ang ma-scoop nko na fishes then pisaton dayun! haha since that event, never nko ginadala near sa mga open na aquarium. hahaha!

  2. joiesheen10:15 PM

    haha,..same age pud diay ta nagkaroon ng curiosity about so many stuff! pero ana akong parents kay ang pinaka fave jud daw nko na topic ug the first ever cycle na akong na-memorize kay ang water cycle. haha sanuka ui! hawd pa ko ug english kato na time! haha karon?! sus! intawon! ay nlng. hahahah!

    la pa ko kaila kinsa na cla tom and jerry sa una ba! haha.

  3. joiesheen10:18 PM

    buhay bata jud renz...tsk tsk tsk. hehe

  4. HAHAHA. mura diay kag bata sa finding NEMO! AHHAHA.


    bata batuta kaon muta paman ko 'til now! HAHAHA

  5. joiesheen11:02 PM

    as in! katong pgtan-aw gani nko sa finding nemo nalingaw jud ko sa gihimo sa bata didto. kay pareho mi ug gihimo sa isda! hahaha! nakikita ko ang aking sarili sa kanya! weeeeeeee!!!

  6. HAHA. fishy fishy fishy! ganahan daw ang bata didto sa muvie ug PIRANHA from the AMAZON! ikaw.. gnahan pud ka ato? HAHAHa

  7. joiesheen11:25 PM

    haha. d man sa ganahan ko. pero sa una, wish jud nko ang makakita ug real life piranha. hahaha

  8. hadlok mana uie. unsaon man. we're biolgist. so dapat interested pud ta. BITAAAWW. gusto nako sila makitan kay nabasa nako ilang behavior, kung kailan sila muattack or kung kanusa sila maging tame. NAKES. ansci10 naman ni,, dile ZOO!

  9. joiesheen11:39 PM

    char! hahaha! lagi noh, amazing cguro lng mka field trip sa place na daghan ug piranha. haha ambitious!

  10. SOSYAL muadto pa tag BRAZIL ani! waa. ay mali. VENEZUELA diay kay didto makitan ang mighty amazon river. weee. makakita pud tag anaconda dira.. ANG ALAGA NI YURI SA IIYANG TIYAN! =p

  11. joiesheen11:40 PM

    wooohooo!! makit-an nato up close ang alaga ni yuri! hahahaa!!!

  12. kwwang yuri. laging pinagtitripan ng mga tao sa paligid niya :D

  13. carmigz8:52 PM

    Hahaha katuwa yung 2nd birthday incident! =P

  14. HAHAHAHA. kung makita mo lang ung pictures ko sa baby album ko :D

  15. omg. are u gifted or something?. and dont you just love killing fish? lol. my granny had this tank with 10 fishes inside. i concocted something out of toiletries, mixed it in the aquarium, et voila. they're all floating by morning. EVIL, i know. but my granny's fishes deserved that. hmpf.

    and oh, since they're all goldfish, it's goldfish[s]es[/s], my dear. :)

  16. HAAHHA. i stand corrected. hehehe. at least sa spelling not in grammar, though i admit na sometimes.. nagkakamali rin ako.. but the hell i care.. as long as maintindihan pa ng mga tao posts ko dibah? HAHAHA.