Thursday, December 20, 2007

MEET my one and ONLY EX-WIFE

She's been with me since when I was a KID. We were married since 1992. Our relationship can be described as a roller coaster. She LOVED me more than her self being and I DESPISE HER. She doesn't care anything as long as we've been together. I really don't like her presence - the way she hugs me and everything. Whenever she caress me, I felt like I was going to die or something, literally. She gave me a curse - a LIFETIME CURSE. She's a jealous-typed person, and I don't really like it. She keeps on pestering my life. I want to KILL HER, only that she's semi-immortal. I went to the City Ombudsman to file a divorce case for the gazilionth time but they can't help me. Man they're useless. Finally she left me because I did something that almost killed her.

For three months, she didn't came and I enjoyed LIFE without her.


Strenuous academic activities came by the first week of December. The inconsistency of the weather made her initiative to VISIT me, ONCE AGAIN. Today, she's with me and I felt the same traumatic feeling again, but I'm getting used to it. She's been with me for sixteen and a half years. She's the reason on why I can't eat sumptuous seafoods like Calamares, squid, crabs and shells. Just what I've said a while ago, she's an OVER JEALOUS TYPED PERSON. OA na.

I really missed her already, but one day is ENOUGH. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT !!!

I already drank TUSERAN FORTE, VENTOLIN, NEOZEP and BIOGESIC for three consecutive days. God. Diba ayaw mo niyan?

Haaay. ASTHMA. Kailan mo pa ako LUBAYAN?? I DON'T LOVE YOU. You're the ONLY curse of my LIFE !!!


  1. zshali3:27 PM

    Oh my! Coincidentally, I had an asthma attack rin. This morning lang. Grabe ang hirap!

  2. derric3:28 PM

    too bad divorce is inexistent in this country... hihihi.. LOL

  3. zshali! lalo ka na.. coz ur a smoker ehh. don't smoke zshali! it's BAAAAD. >.<

  4. derric: HAHAHAHA. o well papel. life must go on. di pa rin niya ako lubayan!

  5. zshali3:31 PM

    Oo nga eh. I'm thinkin' about the possibility of quitting! Thanks Renz! =)

  6. YEHEY! quit ka na ha??! before it's TOO LATE.

  7. have u tried nebulizing? :) i had asthma din before. pero i dont remember any instance in my life na pinahirapan ako ng asthma. when my parents told me that i had asthma before, i was like "really now?! when?! how?!"..

    so ayun. try nebulizing. :) or if you already had, ewan koh na lang. =P

  8. may nebulizer ako sa bahay! HAHAHA. ginagmit ko na yan since 9 trs old pa ako :)) lolz.

    life saver ko nga yan ehh :))

  9. louis jordan10:43 PM

    ahhh wel.congrats.asthma kills.haha.see you in hell.

  10. jesiramoun10:46 PM

    i have skin asthma...
    thanks to ketosumthing cream it's gone...for now.

  11. louis jordan:

    human?? SA HEAVEN ka muadto???? BAGA KAG LEPS. AHHAHAAH. joke lang dan!=))

  12. jesiramoun:

    haay jess. skin asthma ko.. sa ulo! HAHAHA. grabeh dandruff ko.. until I used CLEAR MEN. HAHAHHA

  13. derric11:18 PM

    kulang lng yan sa lambing.. LOL

  14. derric:

    hahahaha. nakamamatay ang lambing niya :))

  15. joiesheen11:44 PM

    the world watches my every move. my hair, my look. i love black. black looks good. looking good means NO DANDRUFF. hahaha murag c "my names is rain". hahaha! samok! lng...naicp lng nko xa. tsk tsk tsk

  16. YUCKS JOIE! addiiiik na ka kay rain noh???

  17. waaah! gudLak. hahah! curse asthma. gud thing i don't have that. heheh! ö

  18. huhuhu geva. if i could change my physical being.. gagawin ko ang lahat.. mwala lang ang asthma ko :(( huhu.


  19. louis jordan10:26 PM

    naa nasad imong dan!hahahaha.skeri like hell.
    muadto kog heaven oi!ana akong lola ug mama!
    di ko bagag leps.di ko pareha ni katrina.
    syatap honey-producing organism.

  20. DAN DAN DAN DAN DAN. suuya ra ka. hahaha. naa koy pulos. ka SWEET anang honey. HAHAHAHAHA.

  21. louis jordan10:30 PM

    sweet kajan.different man imong honey,genetically prepared,altered etc, a weapon for mass destruction.kaOA ha.ahahahahahahaah.

  22. oo. kay ikaw jud ang akong unang target! HAHAHAHA =))

  23. louis jordan10:39 PM

    i have my shield to protect me.ako kay ang new HEMAN.pakiconect sa atong gnastoryahan beh.ahahahahahahahha.

  24. ako si eagle man! at di kumakain si EAGLE MAN! DUUH. connect please! :D