Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tatlong Araw

Tatlong Araw.

Three days.

It's been a while since my last post. Well, it's been a long, long terrible yet exciting day. Why?

Let's start with Tuesday. It's my 1st long exam on Biodiversity (Bio 3) and Trigonometry (Math 14). Since I didn't study in an extensive manner (I just surfed the net then study, then net surfing again), I'm not that confident to answer those exams. We took the Math exam first and luckily it wasn't that HARD.

On that day, I didn't expect that we would dissect a frog (I thought It's on Thursday). Good thing, Joie lent me her lab gown. Yehey. So, we took the "surgery-like" scissor, a some sort of wax plate, our respective scalpels and our main subject for our autopsy este experiment, OUR FROG. We named her MARIMAR with no VALID reasons. Wala lang. Trip lang namin siyang ipangalan kay Marimar. Hahaha. Afterwhich we cut and tore off the rough, wart-filled skin of our specimen. Man, I really enjoyed this experiment. I feel like a surgeon! Hahaha. Oh well. (Please refer to my album for MORE pictures on this experiment. Thanks).

We were dismissed early on our Bio 3 Lab, so we headed to the canteen. BUT WAIT! It was RAINING so hard at that time and boy, I didn't brought my jacket. I just brought only my crappy umbrella with me. So we ran, nakishare ng payong with Aidz and Ralph, jumped through those pesky puddles, nag-agawan ng payong para hindi mabasa, ate our lunch, then went back to the campus again, bravely ventured the rain and finally, got soaked with the rain (sa sideways nga lang because tatlo kaming nag-share sa isang napakaliit na payong ni Aidz).

Oh well, I had no choice but to cram. It was 5 minutes before our long exam on Bio 3. Boy oh boy, If I indulge myself to Campbell, I should memorize all these facts and etc. Okay. Bahala na si batman and Bathala. Stock knowledge nalang ang gamitin =(. The exam was moderately hard. During the exam, I should answer the easiest questions before I proceed to the more difficult question. Strategy, ika nga. Shoot! I only answered 3 out of questions on the multiple choice portion and only 3 out of ten questions in the essay SLASH enumeration portion. Mycorrhiza, Lichens, sino ka??? Haay. Luckily I remembered both of them after a few minutes of thinking and pondering to the wall. I managed to answer all questions in the exam. But I was quite dissapointed with the Bonus portion. I know the answer but I'm doubtful with its spelling! Haaay. This is a fact that I should remember throughout my lifetime - Poinsettia spells THIS way not POINSSETTIA. What an ass! Tuloy, wala na akong additional 5 points nang dahil sa isang S!

Oh yeah, the result for the Nat.Sci I exam was released on this day and I got 91/105. Haay. If only di ako nagpakatanga sa answer ko, I should get 96/105. Oh well papel. At least line of nine pa rin. =) And due to heavy rain, di ako makauwi. So me, Ralph and Sheara decided to join the Nat.Sci 2 class (MST 2). Naki-sit in lang kami sa kanila and the subject was an interesting one. Maybe I should take this for the next semester. HOPEFULLY.

I had only 3 hours of sleep, but guess what?? I drank a glass of cold cappuccino. That was the most delicious cappuccino that I've ever tasted. My aunt gave me one sachet of Korean Cappuccino. Haay. But hell, the effect of caffeine worked for 5 hours or so, then I'm getting sleepy and tired. I need to sleep. Pronto. Huhu. I just studied my Chem 17 for just 2 hours, and mind you, kulang pa yan! Oh well. Bahala na talaga.

Yes. The day had finally arrived. Long exam ng nakapapraning na subject (though I really love chemistry but the lesson's get more complicated, but nevertheless, I JUST LOVE this subject. That's all). Okay okay. Thank God. The exam was EASY. DAMN EASY. It's my second time na nakatapos ng long exam sa chem. Haay. I retrieved my Chem exam result moments ago and I got 75%! YES. OH YEEEES.

Haaay. Supposedly walang klase today because of the Nationwide Strike, but di naman kasali ang HH drivers, so tuloy pa rin ang academic life dito sa UP. =) I had only one class today and the rest of the subjects, puro "see you next year" ang drama =). Hahahha.

I could hardly wait for Christmas. But I'll still be busy this Christmas break since we had a LONG QUIZ on Chem 17. Break a LEG to myself.

Have a Happy Christmas everyone!.


  1. joiesheen10:00 PM

    wahaha!! funny gud na day ang THURSDAY! dec. 13, 2007. ang mga teachers ba naman mo sulod tas ingnan mo ug "merry christmas! wlang klase!"...hahaha salamat ha? nagkabuang2x mi ug decide ug "to go or not to go"...haha pero lingaw man ghapon! woohoo!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. carmigz10:01 PM

    wow naman ang toxic!! g'luck sayo! :D

  3. HAHAHA. dapat pati valentine's day, st. patrick's day, thanksgiving day ug uban pa :)) hahaha

  4. CM:

    kaya ko toh! weee. christmas break na nmin CM!

  5. carmigz10:06 PM

    Start na?? wow naman!! Binasa ko ulit post mo. Katuwa! Pareho tayo na "stock knowledge nalang ang gamitin" paminsan minsan. Ako nga lang kapag tinamad mag-aral. Hahaha! =

  6. AHAHAH. iba na ang mga matatalino. hahaha joke lang :)). bahala na si batman sa exams ko. tsktsk. nkakatamad na talagang mag-aral. pero minsan, may gana rin akong mag-aral kung kinakailangan :)

  7. carmigz10:07 PM

    ako this sem so far, wala talaga! it's either tinatamad ako mag-aral or wala na akong energy pa para mag-aral. Haaaay.. >.<

  8. hahaa. at least break na namin ngayon. WEEE =)) gudluck nlng sa exams mo! :))

  9. haayy bastian.. nasamokan gud ko kaganinha kay sir.. imagine.. PASAYAWON pa ming duha ni SIR ALBERT. haha singit-singit pa man si alberto.. dah! nadamay lagi sa trip ni sir jong. tsktsktsktsk. but i don't care. at least naputol na ang iyang sungay. tsktsk =))

  10. louis jordan11:12 PM

    HAHA.pariha mug score ni ariane.murag.uuuyueuueueueuy.suxal ang 75%.knsay highest?

  11. GAYAGAYA man toh. HAHAHAHA. mabot idc.(i don't care). basta nahibal-an nako kay si jocelyn (kalimot nako ato basta pasa to siya), si mark, same pud mi score, then si cha, 76, ralph, 78, bastian, 68. kato lang man akong nahibal-an. kapoie man gud pangutana. =)) CHAR

  12. louis jordan11:13 PM

    char.mao ba.pwde ayaw twaga si joie sheen ug bastian kay ako jung maisip kay ang dakilang smiling face ni sir bastian!!!

  13. pag buot sagbot! HAHAHA. nahawa nako kay YURI. siya man gud nagpasimuno ana bah! hahaha :))

  14. louis jordan11:27 PM

    HAVE MERCY kay joie sheen.haha.kaloko kaau ko.wla lang.hahaa.bsta.dpat mag ansci mo kay mkmtay.

  15. unsaon man?? dile siya ma credit since ZOO man jud mi. don't worry ma teacher lagi namo na siya pag bio101. dugay pa. mga 3rd yr first sem

  16. ang imong all time fave course gani, BS MBB sa dil.. lingaw gud naa silay subject na:


    sosyalan ha!

  17. ei, renzy, Merry X-mas!!! keep blogging!