Sunday, December 16, 2007


After last night's Kasadya Festival 2007, which we had our exchange of gifts, we decided that the gang should have a Christmas Party - a party that everyone can enjoy. Initial plans were quite expensive (KTv Bars and etc), so we ended up on the idea of a cool house party which will be held at Mon's house. His parents agreed so we planned to meet at the Convenience Store located near the entrance of SM Village.

Saturday came and I was not that excited. Seems like an ordinary day for me. Then when I arrived, I saw the folks, and after that, we headed straight to Mon’s crib. YAHOO!

Well, all we did was to play, and play, took numerous pictures on our digicams and cellphones. Some played the body twisting game, which is the TWISTER (I played this strenuous activity which I enjoyed the most), some played the tic-tac-toe, Ina, Cha and Lianne (with the help of others) prepared and cooked our dinner, Mon and Mark together with Yuri played the PS2 with the game Naruto, me playing Mon’s piano and others just talked and talked and talked in an endless manner.

Mga Reyna ng Kusina

Busy sa laptop.


Picture before dinner

Me, playing the piano - APOLOGIZE

mga addict sa NARUTO


It's pretty obvious that we’re totally diversed! May sariling mundo ika nga. Haha. Parang otistik. Naks naman. But take note, we’re not. Absolutely not.

Good thing, Mark brought his Magic Sing Karaoke Set and we sang ‘til the rain fell so hard for a short period of time. But due to certain technical problem, we didn’t used nor abused Mark’s Magic Sing.

We ate in a constant manner, like those junkfoods and by 6.30, dinner was served. Obviously, we didn’t serve pork since Mon is a Muslim. We just ate chiken adobo and pancit. Yumyum. It was so delicious. I was full and may fruit salad pa! Wow. Talking about the tremendous, big appetite of thriving and stressed teenagers like us!

We also watched a funny and light movie, Bring It On. We all just laughed until the movie ended.

There were no dull moments in our party and everything was in a smooth pace. By 10 in the evening, we decided to pack our things. We bade goodbye, greeted each other a happy Christmas then off we went to the waiting shed where we waited for our respective jeepneys. Actually, there’s a waiting shed but we didn’t used it at all! Wala lang, since di naman umuulan, so I guess it’s pointless to use that thing. Anyways, we had a hard time to find a jeep since it was already late. God, nakasakay pa kami and I went home safe and sound.

As I was driving the HH, I gazed at the twilight sky and was awestruck by billions of stars twinkling and shining in an endless manner. I remembered that my friend once told me that real friends are like those stars in the night sky, which keeps on watching you and they’re significant in our life. For the last two months I was on the verge to transfer in UP Manila/Diliman, of course with the same degree. But because of them, I found a place in which I could share my thoughts, laughter and cries in a carefree manner. Of course, I would NEVER, EVER FORGET my almost 13 years of stay on my previous home, SMAD.

Haay. 12.14.07. Saturday. Sabado. Surely, I will never forget this wonderful day.

Home Sweet Home.


  1. for more pictures, punta lang kayo sa album ko :))

  2. louis jordan9:06 PM

    suxal sila lyl,cha,joie, turned fudtek pips.luto2 beh.haha.

  3. hahahah char lang oie :)) lagiii. gi calculate nana nila ang number of calories sa chiken adobo

  4. wow! aLm mo paano i.piano ang apoLogize? i envy u. hahah! ö kaLingaw. ang saken cnabi nman saken, ang stars daw, mga dead relatives ko daw looking after me. waaah! hahah! ö

  5. yep marunong ako nyan. ay-ay! pati a thousand miles.. blahblahblah. basta name it, and i'll play it! CHAR! hahaha. ah basta, lingaw mag stargazing. WHOOOHOO! gusto ko panoorin ulit ang STARDUST! WAAAAA =))