Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So you think you're a GENIUS?

So, you think you're the most intelligent person in the world? Just answer this EASY QUIZ. I'll not post the answer. Just spam my comment page with your asnwers and I'll tell you the answers later. MADALI LANG DIBAH? okay here it goes.


(Passing requires 4 correct answers)

Take your best shot at answering each question. Goodluck.

1. How long did the Hundred Years' War last?

2. Which country makes Panama hats?

3. From which animal do we get catgut?

4. In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

5. What is a camel hair, brush made of?

6. The Canary Islands are named after which type animal?

7. What was King George VI's first name?

8. What colour is a purple finch?

9. Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

10. What is the colour of the black box in a commercial airplane?

Remember, you need 4 correct answers to pass.

Good luck!


  1. carmigz9:07 PM

    Duh ang easy nga! Hahahaha!! =P

    Haha ang feeling ko! Syempre hindi obvious yung sagot kaya manghuhula nalang ako sa iba. >.<

    1. 116!! Beh!
    2. Brazil?
    3. Goat?
    4. November!! =P
    5. polyesterene. hahaha!!
    6. which type? Vertebrate!! (o wag mong sabihing invertebrate ha? Type lang naman eh! =P)
    7. Andrew?
    8. Black!
    9. China!
    10. Red :)

    Hahaha easy daw oh. >.<

  2. hi carmigz.. naPM ko na mga answers sa iyo. =p

    CM scored 1 POINT!, can you beat HIM? ANSWER NA KAYO!

    now nah! pronto!

  3. neilerts9:52 PM

    1.] 116!
    3.]Sheep or Goat!
    5.]Squirrel, or Goat, or Pony, or Bear, or Sheep, or a blend of all.. !
    6.]Canary.. but actually the Canary islands also got its name from the latin 'Insularia Canaria' which means 'Island of Dogs.' !
    9.]New Zealand
    10.]Bright Orange

    SOURCE: WikiAnswers.Com

    o ano, highest UPG na ba? hahahahahahaha.... :D

  4. HAHAHA. neil! madaya! HAHAHA. pinost banman ang ansers. langhiya! :P

  5. neilerts9:55 PM

    taga UP to ui! haha.. kng di alam ang answer, i-research! haha.. :p

  6. neilerts10:00 PM

    o shyashyahsya. kaw na ang highest. HAHAHAA. haaay. miss ko na ang days na nagcocopy paste lang tayo ng assignments natin sa chem/bio tas last minute na basahin for fear na i quiz to :)) AHHAHA

  7. dextir0910:09 PM

    1) 116 year!
    2) ecuador!
    3) goat!
    4) november!
    5) horses, squirrels, goats, sheep, bears, or some combination of these
    6) dog!
    7) albert!
    8) raspberry red!
    9) new zealand
    10) bright orange! :D

    hehehe. . .

  8. minodify mo lang ang answers? AHAHAHA. joke. u got nine. mali ang three mo. :))

  9. dextir0910:23 PM

    sayang! hehe i researched it on wikipedia din eh hehe :D

  10. neilerts10:25 PM

    gisabi mo pa jud na ung answers ko ang totoong answers, haha.. di prin sana alam ng iba.. :D kw jud.. hehe..

  11. HAHAHAHAHA. sinearch mo na, may mali pa :)) hehehe.

  12. AMAW! sinulat mo kasi ang SOURCE! humpph. :))

  13. athena10:28 PM

    sbi mo mag-answer aq..eian n kea mga's not a from-scratch-ideas anymore. . . but i think i won't score a thing, too much gen.knowledge.

  14. haaay. langhiya kasi ung classmate ko.. Owell papel. at least may natutunan tayo this xmas! AHAHHA. tapos.. ala lang! more on geography, history siya. HAHAA. tas, nka 2 points lang ako. o well. bahala na. kesa nman wala :))

  15. neilerts12:00 AM

    un man ang tinuro sa chem, haha.. pag di magsite ng source, plagiarism man, haha..peace renz.. :D

  16. HEH! langhya ka. nwala tuloy excitement ko. humph. HAHAHA. OA. adik ka na ng chem17 noooh? AYAY. it's a bad sign - a bad omen! HAHAHA

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  18. do i still need to answer this ish? someone above wisecracked it already. :P anyway, i'll be commenting on ur other posts nlng. :)

  19. langhiya kasi ung classmate, spinoil pa naman ang mga answers. humph.

  20. algene10:35 PM

    lingaw lagi siya renz. nabulok ko kai wala nako nagets ang answers na tama ni neil haha..

  21. more on gen. knowledge, history and geography man gud siya. puro UNEXPECTED answers.