Monday, December 31, 2007


I woke up early today and only had four and a half hours of sleep.

And for the reason? We attended the LAST Eucharistic Celebration of the year 2007. After six or seven months of living in an "unfaithful lifestyle", I finally attended a Sunday Mass. My GOD! Forgive me.

Oh well. Today's the LAST DAY of 2007. Goodbye Piggy. Say hello to our new mascot - EARTH RAT. Hey hey hey! Rats and Chipmunks are related to each other, well, if we take a closer look on to their phylogeny. Whatever. I wish Chinese Astrologers and Feng Shui experts would include the following animals or insects on to their ASTROLOGY:

Chipmunk, squirrels, IPIS, chicken, ducks, hamsters, owls, frog and TARSIER.

Hahaha. Speaking of Chipmunks, I’m really, REALLY EXCITED on the upcoming movie of the Chipmunks, that is, ALVIN and the CHIPMUNKS! I dedicate this movie to my beloved barkada-mate, Kristalalala.

What’s with the Squirrels? Nah. Year of the Flying Squirrels – and every people would soar and fly HIGH like a squirrel. HAHA. Yuck! The hell. Ba’t kasama pa si Manong IPIS dito? Oh well. It seems that I’m pretty thrilled for the upcoming dissection of cockroaches in our Bio 3 Lab. Aynaku. If Chinese astrologers will include this, the would definitely be the freakiest, the nastiest and the eekiest year of all. How about year of the IPIS slash cockroachYEAR of the CHICKENS or DUCKS? Only Chicken Little and Ugly Duckling would be happy for it. Tadahtadah blabberblabberblahblah. Hamtaro would be happy if he’s included in the Chinese astrology. Unfortunately, he’s not. Ooooh yeah. OWLS and FROGS would definitely charm its way to the Chinese Astrology but they can’t since the sky’s has been overcrowded by horses, bulls, Tamaraws (if any..), dogs, roosters, the mighty DRAGONS and more.

The Year of the TARSIER would sound quite awkward but I’m sure Filipinos would be proud of it. Whatever, again. This would make the eyes of the Chinese rounder, bigger and, you guess. HAHAHA =]]. I’m quite hyper today, even if it’s one in the morning. I just have a LOOONG NAP. So long that I slept form 2.30 am to 9.00 pm. Six and a half hours of NAP. Just look at that. Hahaha.

So, 2007 will bade his last goodbye on us by the next 23 hours or less and let’s celebrate and party as we welcome 2008 with a bang, but in an innovative way since I’m a Davaeño. You know what I mean kiddo. No fireworks.



  1. derric1:36 AM

    every year is IPIS year. ang dami daming ipis sa buong mundo. at ang bilis at dami nilang manganak.

  2. HAHAHA. ur right. ugggh. :))

  3. grace4:58 PM

    earth rat..kalahai ng earth worm..ay sorry/ korni.haha

  4. wenkwenkwenk grace! HAHAHHA. infairness nakatawa ko :)) nyahahah :))