Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Weird Christmas

Since 2001, I never had a chance or an opportunity to watch the wonderful, colorful and magnificent night sky during Christmas and New Year's Eve. Everything was peaceful and serene, except for the noisy yet happy commotions of our neighbors.

Firecrackers or any explosive materials are completely banned here in Davao City under the
City Ordinance XXXXXX (I forgot the code, sorry).This was implented by the City Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte in the year 2001. It's been six years since I had witnessed the colorful fireworks display in the city. After the implementation, the city has become gloomy, morbid, melancholic, CLEANER and the night sky's relatively clearer than those firecracker-stricken years.

Despite the absence of firecrackers during Christmas and New Year's Eve, the quality time for the family during the Noche Buena could never be obliterated and changed. Yan ang TATAK PINOY.

Somehow, I find this year's Christmas funny and weird.

It was 2.30 in the afternoon. While I was busy on surfing the internet and my brother's also busy on watching an anime flick on our dvd, somebody knocked on our gate. The voice was pretty distinctive and my subconcious mind registered it as the voice of a helpless
LUMAD. I was right and wrong at the same time. I was right because she was indeed, a LUMAD only that she did not look helpless for she wore casual clothings and accessories similar to a teenage girl that resides in downtown Davao. She also had an mp3 headset sticking out on to her left ear. She blankly asked us for food and clothing.

My brother confronted the lady and said:

"Balik lang 'day!" (Come back)

Then the Lumad lady replied innocently:
"Dile naman mi mubalik dire kay mubalik naman mi ugma sa bundok" (We can't return to your place [dammit! haha], we're scheduled to depart enroute to the mountains tomorrow.) [aba, parang INDAY version!]

From the kitchen, my father heard their commotion and yelled,
"Balik lang lagi!"

And the lady disappeared without a trace. (Ngyee?)

I remembered while we ate dinner moments ago, my father, mother and brother told me that we're gonna celebrate the Noche Buena by midnight. Aba aba aba! Nagsalita ang marunong! When midnight struck,
EVERYONE was ASLEEP except me. My aunt called me and laughed because everyone in the house was fast asleep. Good thing, mom woke and eventually offered me a macaroni salad. My dad cooked and served it and it was delicious, VERY DELICIOUS.

This is our usual story during Christmas Eve since 2001. But by New Year's Eve, they're wide awake 'til 12.45 am. New Year kasi eh.

It's 2 minutes before 2 am and I want to eat my dad's spaghetti. Yumyum!



**Oh yeah, may nagpaputok pa rin ng TRIANGLE. Haaay. PASAWAY. Lagot kayo kay digong!**


  1. merry chritmas sa inyong lahat! ^___^

  2. zshali1:53 PM

    Merry Christmas Renz!

  3. merry christmas din zshali! :D

  4. andrew king3:45 PM

    unmerry christmas.

  5. andrew king3:47 PM

    kawa naman yun high tech na lumad. kahit tinapy wala? Kahit piso wala?

  6. HAHAHA. lupig pa ang mga beggars sa downtown

  7. Anonymous12:31 AM

    thats soo rude!! even a centavo you cant give her? gosh!!

  8. hehehe.. di naman sa rude. nge. centavo? i think it's plain useless. wala ka namang maibibili jan! at FYI, may kamag-anak rin kaming nangangailangan ng tulong. di ako basta-bastang makabigay sa kanila.

  9. carmigz12:39 AM


    What exactly is a LUMAD? 'di ko mawari eh. =P

  10. merry christmas din CM! hehhe. well LUMAD is actually an indigenous tribe living int eh outskirts of DAvao City. uhhhm. parang forefathers ata yan ng mga dabawenyos. :D hehehe

  11. grace2:24 PM

    gaga lage yung Lumad girl :) haha funny sya

  12. HAHAHA. lagiii grace. lain kayo. tagaan unta nako kung luoy iyang dagway.. pero unsaon man.. murag mas tattered pa akong attire at that time ato kesa sa iyaha! :))